When you learn the law of attraction and get lost


Not only the law of attraction, but also the law of success are often taught differently.


That can be confusing, isn’t it?

Which one should I believe in? ?? What?

I often thought so.


For example, one ingredient is said to be bad on the other hand be good to intake.

Also, in the case of foreign spiritualists, the theory and ideas often “doesn’t fit the Japanese sense” because it follows their culture.


What should we do in such a case? .. .. .. ..


You don’t need to follow one thing (one person’s teaching),

you can change it depending on the situation.

There are various teachings in the world, but instead of sticking to them, let’s change them according to the situation and your feelings.

It’s okay to change the method in various ways.

Instead of sticking to just one teaching, try incorporating different teachings and ideas.


Because they are the essence of each person’s experience and knowledge and are worth trying.

Try to do what you want to do obediently.


If you feel good about the theory and ideas, don’t hesitate to try them out.

You wanted to try them because they are worth trying.


As you try them out, you’ll find out which ones suit you and which ones don’t.


Then you will have your own custom-made way of success.

If there are 100 people, there are 100 ways of success.

That’s why let’s try various things without being bound by just one teaching.


Then, instead of following what is generally said (common sense),

listen to your feelings and signs from your body and act accordingly.

What is generally said is not always correct.

It’s the same as applying L size clothes to a small child.


You are the only one in the universe, and it is your mission to live your originality.


At first, the message from yourself, “I want to do this,” may be very small and hard to feel.

But eventually you will feel that as you are trying to hear the message from yourself.

Everything requires taking the first step and getting used to it.


Everything I’ve told in this blog is valuable to me and has actually worked, but no one knows if that applies to you either.


I think the above is the same as leaders and spiritual lists.

They became happy and successful by trying their original way.


However, if you resonate with my idea and want to try it, I definitely recommend you to try it.


If you feel positive about it, it will surely bring you positive results.