How to turn negative into positive


Negative things ( looks like) often happen in our lives.

But as long as you keep looking it as a negative event, you can’t get out of it.

Since all of things have both negative and positive aspects,

focusing too much on the negative side hides the positive side.

And as long as you keep looking at the negative side, you will fall into a negative spiral.

This is a situation of “It never rains but it pours”.


I’ll explain how it goes.


Bad thing happened

You feel unpleasant (blocking, frustrating, angry)

Cause the same situation as your mood

You feel even more unpleasant


By repeating this, you lose the energy to look at the positive side.

Before that happens, try to practice looking for the positive side what happened with you.


I’ll give you an example as what happened with me me in the past.


I stepped on the icy ground because I didn’t notice it, then  I slipped and fell down on the ground.

It was really painful!!!

I thought I broke my bone,  but I was able to get up and walk, so I just took the bus and went to school.


What I thought at that time were….

 ・I’m glad that it didn’t seem to break my bone.

・ I’m glad I didn’t hit my head.

・ It was good to be able to walk.

・ How grateful it is to have no pain!

    (Which means, it really hurts now.

     The pain reminded me that it’s so thankful without pain in my daily life)

・ How grateful it was to be able to go to school normally.

I thought about something like this.


And now it is recovering steadily.


If I keep thinking negatively about the situation

as shown below,

・ It hurts! Why did I get such a bad accident?

・ My butt hurts, and it’s inconvenient when I sit down or crouch down!

・ My arm hurts and I can’t bend it. It’s hard to brush your teeth and wash your face!

It may not recover well and I may have other nasty accidents.


When I was young, I was so negative that I only focused on the negative side which happened with me.

Therefore, I attracted so many illnesses and injuries.


I really wanted to know that at that time.


You can’t learn ” the law of attraction” unless you practice in your life.

You can’t learn by just reading a book or listening to people.

You need to practice in your life.

That is why many people still can’t attract their wishes even though they tried to image the wishes.


By the way,  here in Norway, many people slip and fall down then fracture their bones during the winter.

Two of my classmates (There’s 13 classmates) have already slipped and fractured their bones in a month.

The fracture rate is extremely high, isn’t it? 


It’s so grateful that I didn’t break my bone!