Recommendation of taking a bath

Health and Diet

Do you like taking a bath?

I love taking a bath.

Especially in the cold winter,

taking a bath is the most fun.


The bath warms your cold body immediately and

it will give us a blissful moment.

So, I would like to recommend one of the ways to enjoy the bath.


We usually feel comfortable thanks to the air conditioner and heater,

so we don’t often sweat.

But it’s really important to sweat.


I don’t often sweat, so I sometimes use salt baths to promote sweating.


The skin is said to be the largest organ in the human body,

and one of its roles is to expel waste products from the body through sweat.

Even if you live a normal life, you will take in things that are not good for your body from polluted  air and food.


So take a salt bath from time to time,

sweat and cleanse your body!


In particular, taking a bath before going to bed leads to a good sleeping.

If you have trouble falling asleep

Please make the bath a daily habit.

( I recommend you to use good quality of Epsom salt)