How to cure disease

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Everyone wants to get rid of their disease quickly.

I have been ill many times since I was a child.

I will tell you how I finally learned from my those experiences.


1 Don’t rush

2 Believe it will definitely heal

3 forget about the disease


For the time being, you accept that you got sick.

Then, what you are sick now is the result of what you caused in the past, and you believe that if you change yourself from now on, you can change the future.

In the past, you used to have emotions, ways of thinking, and behaviors that attracted disease.

So, if you change them, you are no longer the one who attracted the disease, and the reality will change.


You might often feel angry, afraid, anxious, dissatisfied, and self-denial in the past.

You would have always felt such ideas,

 “Diswase does not heal immediately.”

“If I get sick, it may get worse instead of being cured.”

“Disease is scary”

It means that you believed in the news from TV and newspapers.


Of course, you wouldn’t have thought about disease before you got sick, but in the past you read and listened to such articles and input your own interpretation into the subconscious.


Therefore, try not to see negative news as much as possible.

Then, try to notice what makes you feel bad and when you feel unpleasant.

You need to consciously look for it at first.

Because you were unconscious of those feelings until now.


The feelings of  “I don’t like it”,  “I’m anxious,”  and  “I’m angry”  can hurt your body.

Also, the more you continue to have such feelings, the more the reality (= disease) that becomes such feelings will happen.


So it’s also a warning.

“I’m hurting myself.  I’ll let you know, so be aware.”

It is a cry from myself.


However, when you get sick, you focus only on the illness and you don’t realize that the beliefs and feelings you had in the past made the consequences.

The disease did not suddenly intimidate you.
You kept the way of thinking and feelings that you deserved to get sick, so you were in tune with the vibration of illness.

In other words, you had a bad feeling all the time, or you kept doing something bad.


If that kind of thing has become normal, you won’t even notice what you’re doing unwillingly.

Because you’ve been doing it all the time and it’s become usual.

But in fact, your true yourself really don’t want to do it.

That’s why it calling on you to be aware of it.


Maybe you’re sacrificing yourself and serving others?

“I want to be seen well”

“I want to maintain a good position”

“I want to please my family”

Are you trying to please someone else at the expense of yourself?


Living healthy and happy every day is the most filial piety and contribution to the world.

If you are healthy, there are no medical costs.

Also, no one has to worry about your disease.


Prioritize your own happiness before thinking about the happiness of others.

You are not selfish, you are not ignoring others, you are treating yourself.


Once you’ve done this, don’t think about your disease as much as possible.

Of course, you have to go to the hospital, take medicine, get medical treatment, and do what you can do now.

After that, don’t think about many things and don’t make your mind busy with the anxiety.

If your anxiety cure the disease, you should think about it, but unfortunately the truth is opposite.


The more you think about it, the more you focus on that concern, and you’ll tune in to the negative vibrations = disease, and finally you can’t get out of it at all.

Thinking only about disease means that you cannot believe that it will be cured.

For example, you never worried about if your cold never become well.


You’re doing what you need to do, so that’s fine.

Believe in yourself.
Believe that you have a natural healing power and that you can heal yourself.

Because it was you to make you disease.


If possible, it would be good if there was something that you can concentrate on.

Find something unfocused on the disease.

Please change the angle, even if it is just a little.

If you notice it, it will change a lot.


Good Health is a most precious treasure in your life.