Important things in the law of attraction


In order to speed up the attraction, the most important thing is to feel good in daily life.


If you can’t do this and try other methods, it won’t work.

Because when you feel not good, you can’t be kind to people and you don’t get motivated.

If you can’t be kind to people, you can’t have relationships that bring you luck.

If you’re not motivated, you can’t start anything new.


So what should you do?

Try to treat yourself well, good take care of yourself, love yourself.

I think there are not many people who treat themselves well, although they don’t notice about it.

What does it mean to not treat yourself well?


For example

・ Even you don’t want to eat anymore, you force yourself to eat.

・ Eat something that is obviously bad for you

・ You were invited, but you don’t want to go, but you force myself to go.

・ You feel unhappy when you hear the complaints of others.

・ Concern about what others think.

・ Be under family’s or others thumb.


If you repeat these things, you will unknowingly hurt yourself.

You let yourself do what you don’t let someone you care a lot about do.


☆ If you don’t want to eat any more, you don’t need to eat.


☆ Try to conscious of choosing food to take good care of yourself.


☆ If you don’t want to go even if you are invited, you can decline.

Surprisingly, even if it is refused, the person who invited you does not care so much.



☆ When you hear a complaint, you feel bad because you are in sync with the complaint.

    It’s obvious that the vibration of complaints is not good.

    No one is complaining with a happy face.


☆ People just say what they want to say.

   It doesn’t pay to be concerned while the person who speak ill of others doesn’t care at       all.

   You don’t have to care what people say.


☆ We belong to a group called a family, but we are souls with different personalities.

   You were able to be born in this world thanks to your parents, but that doesn’t mean         you have to be at your parents’ discretion.


Common sense changes when the country changes.

The role of parents is to help children to use their abilities ambitious and be independent, rather than forcing them to keep their words or move in the direction they want. 

Parents tend to treat their children as possessions, but know that  family does not mean dependency.


Please remember that you are the most important at first.