Why doesn’t your dreams come true ?


Why doesn’t the law of attraction work?

That’s because you think about your dreams for only a small amount of the day while you spend most of the rest of your time as you always have, and think the same way as before.

To attract dreams, you need to be in tune with that dream.

In order for you to be in tune with that vibration,

you need to be a fun, happy, happy vibration.


One of the reasons why the attraction does not go well is that you misunderstand that your dreams will come true if you just imagine your dreams.


It’s an image of good luck coming from the other side without doing anything.


But if that is true, even the slightest negative thought will bring you a negative reality.


For example,

if you are worried about passing the exam and feel uneasy for a while,

you will just fail the exam.


In other words, the opposite is true.

If you just think about what you want and realize it immediately,

and if you don’t realize what you don’t like, that’s not a law.


With this in mind, let’s understand that the law of attraction does not mean that good luck will come from the other side just imagining your dreams.


After imagining dreams, they will not come true unless you take some action after that.


And rather than suddenly something good luck coming true,

you’re approaching your dreams to climb the stairs step by step.


When you try to do something to achieve your dreams,

it should be an ambitious action rather than an effort.

It feels like “I want to try something.”


If the actions you come up with to achieve your dreams seem daunting ,

you may try to achieve it too quick or the dreams isn’t what you really want or you can’t believe it’s achievable.


In other words, the law of attraction is not that “a miracle event happens suddenly” just by wishing, but when you look back, when you notice, ” things have been going smoothly, and you never thought of it a few years ago”.


Please do not think it’s difficult.

After you wish, you can do whatever you want, so please put your ideas into action.

The first step can be small.

That action will lead to the next new action.

In this way, life changes.


You can do it because others also could do it.