How to speed up realization of your desire



 If you want to have good things drawn to you,


Put something that motivates you close to you.

Something makes you feel warm, happy or get excited.


What is important is that the first is to clarify what you want.

Thinking only in your mind is easy to change.

So, in the law of attraction, “write your desires on paper.”

That is often said.

Of course, that is also effective,

Let’s write your wishes on paper.


But rather than just wring,

it is more emotional to see something that is easy to understand.


For example, if you want to travel abroad, aren’t you more exciting when you see travel pamphlets?

“Oh, I want to go to Australia!”

“Then, let’s work much harder so that I can take a holidays.”

“Let’s save money”

It will be easier to continue the motivation.


…… Then it’s not the law of attraction?

It’s too obvious!


Well, please read on


The law of attraction is not the law that the desired reality comes from universe without doing anything.

Nothing happens unless you take some action.


I have always misunderstood this.


So what to do is after envisioning your desires, start doing the ideas came to your mind and what you can do even though they are tiny things.

Yes, it is important to take the first step.


Imagine a desire as a kind of candle light

And  keep it,

Here are some tips.

It means not doing anything that would extinguish the candle light.


The factor that extinguishes the candle light

1 Excessive expectations for that desire

2 Keeping negative emotions such as complaints, dissatisfaction, worries, fears, and anger in daily life



1 Excessive expectations include the negative aspects of worry and anxiety behind them. (Things have two sides)

Do you notice that the anxiety and worries of “what to do if it doesn’t come true” are hidden behind the strong feeling of “I really want to come true!”?


Excessive expectations, on the contrary, emphasize the negative side.

The more you want it, the more anxious you are about it.

And finally, it draws in the reality of the opposite side that the wish does not come true.


In other words, it has drawn the negative side, not the positive side.


People are more likely to be negative because they have been seen negative information from environment ( TV, radio, commercial and so on) since they were born.

Therefore, it is better to have the comfort of forgetting it with the feeling of “I hope it will come true soon” once you have that desire without excessive expectations.

The tip is this relaxed and relaxed feeling.


Have you ever been able to do something easily when you couldn’t do something and let go of “I’ll do it again and give up if I can’t”?


The tip is this feeling at ease when you push it, push it, and then release it.



Another reason is that if you desperately think “I want to come true!”, You end up spending the whole time in the reality of “I want to come true!”

The reason is that the law of attraction reflects the person’s way of being in reality.
Therefore, the result is that “I want to come true” = not yet come true, that is, “I want to come true” = the reality that it has not come true in the end.



2 Do not continue to have negative emotions such as complaints, dissatisfaction, worry, fear, and anger in daily life.

This is also very important.


As I explained above,  this is because what kind of feelings you usually have has a great influence on your attraction.

To do so, it is important to increase the amount of time you can feel as good as possible.


Everyone is moved by unpleasant events.

So what to do when that happens
Instead of blaming yourself for saying, “No, I’m practicing attraction, so I shouldn’t feel this feeling,” you can accept and express that feeling.


For example, if you get angry and can’t help it, try hitting the cushion as hard as you can, or yelling out in the absence of anyone, and you’ll notice that it’s surprisingly refreshing.



The problem is that you keep those unpleasant feelings.

As you can see , it is you, not anyone, who loses the most if you continue to have such negative emotions.

You have to live with that unpleasant mood all the time.
It’s not fun to be in that unpleasant mood, and the law of attraction draws in the reality of feeling that unpleasant mood.


What you can see from here is how you feel now

It is important to try to know what you are feeling consciously.

The reality is that many people are indifferent to their feelings and emotions, even though they always care about their appearance.


Once you understand that, you’ll see how meaningless it is to stay in a bad mood.


You may find it a little difficult before you get used to it.

Everyone is the same when starting a new habit.

It’s easy to do the same thing, so just repeat the same thing.

We continue complaining about the reality that nothing changes.


But do you want to have a more enjoyable life?


By the way, I wanted to go to Norway, so I made my own fake flight ticket.

It was far from the real one, but I was happy to have and look it.

And I put it on my desk.

Then what!

Eventually I ended up living in Norway.



Anyway, please feel free to try it.

At first, I was fooled.

Once you have a successful experience, your life will change dramatically.


Anyway, let’s start from today!