To dramatically improve your life


If you live the similar way every day

“Is it okay as it is?”

“I want to change my life!”

Have you ever thought like that?


I lived a life of going back and forth between work and home every day,

and one day I was scared when I thought, “Will I continue to live like this until I retired?”

Sure, I was happy and had no complaints because I had a house to live in and I had no financial problems with living normally.

But I didn’t want to end my life as it was.


Because this life is only once, and if it ends like this, I would regret it when I die.


If you do the same thing everyday, it’s like that you go to the amusement park and don’t ride anything at all.

There are various rides, and if you ride them, you can enjoy them very much, but if you only look at the negative aspects such as “It may be scary to ride that” and “Let’s stop it because it costs money”,  you’ll end up watching others look exciting .


So what should we do to do that?


“The goddess of luck appears to those who are ready.”

I really realized this through my experience.


I’ll explain in more detail what this means.

If you have something you want to achieve, start with the simple things.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing, just take action.


Here’s the difference between those who can change their lives and those who can’t.

Most people get tired of it and don’t do anything after all, so nothing changes.



When you start to come up with something, knowledge and new information will come in as it comes in, so your ability will gradually improve.

Then, chances will come along with it.


What this means is that it’s easier to find opportunities based on the knowledge and experience you’ve gained, rather than the chances coming towards you (like a courier).

It’s the same thing that people with poor eyesight can see better when they wear glasses.

You cannot see the whole thing well without knowledge and experience.

However, as you gain more knowledge and experience, the power of your glasses will increase, and you will be able to see opportunities.

You can understand this by actually trying it yourself.


Once you get the chance, try the next one again.

If you continue to do that, one day you may get a chance of “skipping 3 steps”.

This is “pressure”

 At this time, you may not have the ability to go three steps further.

But by challenging it, you can improve dramatically.

You may think that it is “a little difficult” while you are trying, but you may not think that “difficulty” is “difficult” because it is what you want to achieve and what you are interested in.


After overcoming it, you will feel that you have grown a little bigger, such as ability, experience, perspective, world view, etc.


In this way, even if the first step is small, by continuing it honestly, when you notice it, you will notice that it has improved dramatically.


This is not done overnight.

If you don’t start, it won’t change

If you don’t continue, it won’t change.